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xyplorer pro

XYplorer Crack is an integrated file manager application that features a versatile preview and a highly customizable with dual panes interface. It (formerly known as TrackerV3) combines features found in Windows Explorer with additional dual panes. XYplorer Keygen features a tabbed interface, supports drag-and-drop, and supports user-defined commands, comprehensive file preview support, and more.

With this software, your will be easily to view file properties and contents, preview files, find files with Boolean logic and regular expressions. XYplorer License Key is a powerful alternative to Windows Explorer, it offers many advanced features, versatile preview options, extremely fast, innovative, unique ways to automate frequently recurring tasks, and packed in an intuitive multi-tabbed dual pane and highly customizable interface. XYplorer Pro Crack is a multifunctional file management tool for Windows and Mac users. It provides a fast, powerful, beautiful and easy-to-use interface for all types of users.

The software offers interactive features such as tabbed browsing, versatile preview, powerful file search and more. Also, XYplorer Pro offers dual window option for power users. It also allows you to automate frequently repeated tasks in some unique ways. Also, you don’t need to install this software because it is portable. All you have to do is run XYplorer Pro Full Version and start your files. This powerful file manager stores all configuration data in the application data folder and does not modify your system or registry. The tabbed interface helps you easily switch between multiple folders. With this program, you can hide, lock, name or place files in folders with a simple drag-and-drop function. It offers unlimited usability improvements to streamline your workflow.

XYplorer Pro 25.60 With Crack Full Version Free Download

XYplorer Crack is a comprehensive file manager with multi-tabbed beauty and extraordinary options. Hereby, perform thousands of manipulations with the faster-searching ability and wide display preview options. The skillset of the app is ultimate support with all Windows versions including Windows 10 and 11. Many other things make this solution worthwhile like unique ways for task automation, optional dual-pane, customizable user interface, wonderful previewing facility, powerful searching algorithms, and multi-tabbed working.

Also, XYplorer License Key has a versatile view, visual representations, and a powerful entire interface. It promises to configure your large files simultaneously with the help of a dual-pane. The program has a very fast response yet. So, you can process your large collection of files at the same time without any waiting time. Here is much more, the software can be operated via keyboard shortcut keys. This going to be very fast as there is no need to select from tools or buttons on the interface and it saves much of your searching time.

As a result, it demands no experience; this works for both a novice user and a professional one in the same way. To solve this issue, manual documentation is also available there that helps newcomers to understand things more quickly. XYplorer Serial Key can run multiple tabs side by side and looks like a simpler file explorer but with a variety of enrolled functions. No doubt, security is the main agenda nowadays. It serves your data with many firewalls, authorization criteria, and protective sheets around your files. So, Screenshot Studio Crack may be helpful for quick snapshots.

xyplorer pro

Key Features:

  • It allows you to quickly browse images, sounds and videos in a beautiful interface.
  • The software supports all popular image, video and audio formats.
  • It integrates with an advanced search engine to find files directly on your hard drive.
  • It offers a customizable toolbar where most buttons have a right-click menu.
  • Additionally, the Floating Preview feature displays the current file in a non-modal preview window.
  • It offers multi-level undo/redo to move, modify, copy, delete files, etc.
  • It has the ability to make a heavy background copy to keep the focus.
  • It also allows you to queue background operations for greater efficiency.
  • The software shows the actual path of the file you are using in the Mini Tree function.
  • Allows you to assign individual labels, tags and comments to each file and folder.
  • It also has the ability to automatically convert data into .txt or .rtf files.
  • This file manager provides shortcuts to more than six hundred functions.
  • It helps to find files whose names are more than 256 characters.
  • With this application you can change one file and several names at once.
  • Allows you to organize files by dragging and dropping files to a new position.
  • It also allows users to create custom file management functions.
  • Best of all, it offers a list view that shows all the details of the file with a thumbnail.
  • Instant preview of images (including PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, ICO and others), audio and video files (shows detailed media information).
  • Image file thumbnails are displayed directly in the file list, introducing a unique “Mouse Down Blow Up” functionality.
  • Instant preview to install and uninstall TrueType and Type-1 font files (show detailed font information).
  • Instant preview of HTML, MHT and PHP files (including configured server maps) with print options.
  • Live display of complete file/version information for each selected file.

What’s New?

  • Maintenance costs are high. There are some minor fixes and improvements since 20.60.
  • Soundtrack collection. Covered by Blackberry Smoke music.
  • Opening folders with one click: Optionally, opening.
  • Custom event sounds: All playable audio formats are now supported.


  • Streamline your workflow and accomplish tasks more efficiently with XYplorer Pro’s powerful features.
  • Keep your files and folders neatly organized with customizable tags, color-coding, and virtual folders.
  • Automate repetitive tasks and save valuable time with XYplorer Pro’s batch processing and scripting support.
  • Navigate the interface with ease thanks to XYplorer Pro’s user-friendly design and customizable shortcuts.
  • Access and manage files on a wide range of devices and platforms, including network drives and portable devices.
  • Protect sensitive data with XYplorer Pro’s secure deletion and encryption features.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest features and improvements through regular updates and enhancements.
  • Quickly locate files and folders using XYplorer Pro’s powerful search and filtering capabilities.
  • Choose the licensing option that best suits your needs, with flexible options for individual users and businesses.
  • Get help when you need it with XYplorer Pro’s responsive customer support team, available via email and forums.


  • XYplorer Pro is currently only available for Windows operating systems, limiting its accessibility for users of other platforms.
  • While XYplorer Pro offers a wealth of features, mastering them all may require some time and effort.
  • While XYplorer Pro offers excellent value for its features, some users may find the price tag prohibitive.
  • The free trial of XYplorer Pro is limited to 30 days, which may not be sufficient for users to fully evaluate its capabilities.
  • Some of XYplorer Pro’s advanced features, such as scripting and batch processing, may be overwhelming for novice users.
  • Regular updates are essential to ensure XYplorer Pro remains compatible with the latest operating systems and file formats.
  • XYplorer Pro may consume significant system resources, particularly when handling large files or performing intensive tasks.
  • Unlike some competing file management tools, XYplorer Pro does not offer built-in cloud storage integration.
  • While XYplorer Pro can be installed on portable devices, its functionality may be limited compared to desktop usage.
  • XYplorer Pro is primarily designed for individual use and lacks collaborative features found in some other file management tools.

Systems Requirements:

  • The system must be Windows-supported.
  • There is minimum RAM required is 50 MB.
  • Also, the hard drive should be less than 1 GB.
  • you should have an Intel Pentium Processor with a CPU of 1 GHz

How to Download:

  • At the initial point, uninstall the existing version
  • Then, establish your internet connection to download the setup from the crack.
  • Also, disable all protection tools.
  • Extract the file and run the setup file.
  • Now, select the destination folder.
  • Follow some basic instructions.
  • Finally, you have done it. Enjoy!

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